Paint with light, artistic photography

Everyone knows some form of photography : wedding photography, sports-, fashion-,reportage-,nature-,architecture photography, ... or even radiology. All these forms of photography try to reproduce a certain state and/or event as clear (sharp) as possible in a flat image.
However, if you are able to shake the dogma of the "sharp" images, ahole new world is opening to you. It is a return to the literal meaning of the word photography : "paint with light". This opens possibilities for the photography as an impressionistic and/or expressionistic tool to use. The photographic focus is now nothing more than just one of many possibilities for image capture, to form and give meaning to the desired image.
My work balances between the two apparent contradictions ; of extremely blurred and seemingly formless, to painfully sharp. Each image is the result of an inner search for the best view to make a - sometimes very abstract - idea visible. The used techniques, analog, digital, precious photographic processes, or a not so obvious combination, are part of that search. Each trip to a striking image always takes me somewhere else, each result is by definition a new starting point. Sometimes I look for the boundaries of the photographic medium, sometimes I refer with a nod to an "established" form of photography. The search always brings new surprises with it, simply the many "failures" bring inspiration for future projects or even provide answers where "the" question has not been asked yet...
In such a way, the photography can become a meditative experience that brings me closer to my true self.
If the casual observer truly can enjoy my pictures, I'm a happy man.